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Was macht dreamworlds?

We design and develop computer games! Over time we developed our own 3D engine and framework whose basic structures date back to our Amiga days. Several games stem from those days, among them one commercial project, which can be examined at the Projects page. From 2003 onwards we're now developing solely for Windows PCs.
If you prefer screenshots or concept drawings instead, have a look at the Gallery.

Our new game is:

Splatter Splatter is an entertaining topdown shooter with challenging fights against all kinds of monsters, gory splatter effects and destructible environments. You will get a film-noir story, awesome boss fights, upgradeable weapons, scripted actions sequences, secret collectibles and an arcade survival modus with online leaderboards to compete with your friends.

Use light to create breathing space in battles and to expose hidden weaknesses of your enemies. Explore the surroundings to find new weapons, resources and secret areas. Spend the money you got to upgrade your guns and unlock new weapon features and discover the best tactics against the variety of monsters.

Find out what happend to Max in the story mode, spanning 16 levels, quests, NPCs and animated cutscenes. Try to beat the Highscores in the Survival Mode or gather up to 4 friends in front of your computer to co-op against the horde.

Wer ist dreamworlds?

Dreamworlds is a german-based team of dedicated people. Most of us reside in Dresden. The core of members are already working together since a long time, but new faces enrich the team on a regular base. You can read more about Dreamworlds and its individuals at the Members section.


Attentive readers might already have noticed it :) A small part of the Dreamworlds team is currently trying to build a little indie game development studio. The studio's first project will be Splatter, which hopefully sees the light of reality in mid 2012 for Windows/PC download platforms.

But don't worry! The Shard Worlds aren't forgotten! Quite the contrary: if all goes nicely our combined forces of full-time development power will soon arise to complete it. Much to my regret it's just too large to start a small bussiness with it. Most of the Dreamworlds team still carries on with development in its spare time.


There was a long time of silence at the Shard Worlds, but not for a lack of things worth telling! Development is still marching on, nowadays especially at the graphical side of the game. You can observe the new state at a few new pictures at the Gallery!
Our hero of graphics and level design, Andre, also produces a video which shows even more scenes from the current state of development. Follow the link and tell us what you think!


Slowly but steadily the shard worlds grow. We have made quite some progress in the last months, both at the path to playability and at the graphics side. You can find pictures of this progress in the gallery. We hope you like them.

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