Crossfire I

Brief Overview

This is what it looks like, the predecessor to Crossfire II - the first commercial game of the Dreamworlds people. Written in AMOS basic back in 1996 this game already had some of the qualities that made the successor so popular.
Crossfire 1 is multiplayer only. The game prinicple is similar to the 'Dogfight mode' of Crossfire II: Two to four space ships fight each other within an arena. The player inflicting the most damage upon the other players wins.
A vast range of weapons and items and a lot of options to customise the game made this simple game gaining a surprisingly large fan community. Even although the graphics were really outdated.


Sadly the game is incompatible to gfx boards, another restriction of the programming language used. If outdated graphics and the hardware restrictions can't scare you, download the game at the downloads page.