Brief Overview

Some years ago we wrote a little game using AMOS where some kind of vehicle drove, slid and jumped across a landscape only consisting of grey lines instead of polygons and textures.
There was no start, no finish and no round course but just moving around was so much fun. So the idea came up to make a better game of it.


Sometime later we got a PPC board and started again. The basis for the new game was a voxelspace engine which allowed a far greater vision range and very large landscapes using way lesser memory than a usual voxelspace engine.
But this engine also needed four times more CPU speed than a usual engine of that type. The working engine ran quite well on our hardware but our PPC board is one of the fastest available.
The insufficient speed and some conceptual problems finally led us to the point where we abandoned the game.

If you want to take a try anyway you can download the game in the Downloads section. You'll need a PPC board and at least 16 MB RAM (maybe more).